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Founded in 1958, Coastal Chemical Co., LLC has emerged as an Oil and Gas leader in chemical distribution by offering customers not only the industry's finest product lines, but also the expert value-added services and unparalleled customer support they need to maximize operating efficiency and reduce overall cost.

Our Business Units
Coastal Chemical is made up of five distinct business units - Frac and Fuel, Lubricants, Process Chemicals, Production Treating Chemicals and our N-Spec Pipeline Cleaning Services. Viewed separately, each business unit provides quality products and expert services tightly focused on a specific area of the oil and gas industry. Together, these five business units form a comprehensive and industry wide solution that is unsurpassed by any competitor.

Our staff consists of leading chemical engineering experts who have published countless technical papers and studies on every aspect of oil and gas treating. These experts along with our Sales team work closely with each customer to provide service options that drive down operating costs and maximize efficiencies.


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